Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CNC Machine?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) utilizes a computerized router and motors to carve intricate designs into various materials including wood, plastic, or even metal. A design is generated and then special code is created that tells the machine which directions to travel in order to accurately carve a completed product. CNC carvings are extremely accurate and detailed and provide a method of creating beautiful items that would otherwise not be possible with standard tools.

How long do orders take to make?

This question depends on the current orders in line, but if there are no orders then your order will be started on immediately. We pride ourselves on over delivering on order times. Many similar companies will require several weeks worth of lead-time to receive a finished product, but we know you want your item and you want it fast. A typical order will go from ordered to shipping label printed in 2-3 days, but there are some variables that could increase or decrease that time-frame. We will always communicate with the customer if that time-frame will be increased because of increased orders.

Can I Personalize Items?

A lot of our items do allow some personalization including custom text on flag lines or dog tags. Most items will have a place for personalization at order entry, but if you see an item that doesn’t have an area just contact us and we will try to incorporate some form of personalization into the item so your product is unique!

What If I Don't See a Product That Fits My Needs?

We typically only list items that we have actually carved and finished, but our image file collection is fairly extensive. If you don’t see something that fits your requirements just send us a message. We have done a lot of custom products to fit very specific needs and have the resources to make most requests happen. Our goal is to provide unique and personal items to our customers.

You can visit our Design Gallery page as well that includes a lot of designs that we have in our portfolio available to be made into a product. 

Design Gallery

What Materials Are Used in Your Products?

We only use quality hardwoods for our 3D carvings and premium pine for the flat carved signs. These materials do cost us more, but we feel the finished product is a much higher quality. You may see similar items from our competitors at a lower cost, but they are usually using less quality materials. Our favorite hardwood to use is cherry that carves so great and you will see being used in most of our products listed!

Are Your Items Made in the USA?

Absolutely! All wood is purchased locally in Ohio and then carved in our small shop by a small business. 

How Long Does it Take to Carve?

The actual carving process can take several individual carve jobs for one item depending on the type of carve that needs to happen. Some may only take 15 minutes, but some can take as long as 20 hours depending on the size. This is why some of the larger sizes have a higher cost as the carve time is drastically increased by hours.